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Lazarus '93

Particularly for average people who are able & do like to write and read !

(It is not a recommended reading specially for the war-"élite"!)

Shortened version of Ervin Lázár's  essay in Hungarian


This is our first putting on on the worldnet. A speaking/essay with ambivalent feelings. We hope you will understand why. We begin with emphasising that we are continuing the study of Béla Hamvas's life-work. And we try to use and appreciate his conclusions inour work and everyday life.  The reason, why we are choosing a new name, can be explained with many personal disagreements and misunderstanding, but the most important, that we (our activities and publications) need to be distinguished from all of the other "Hamvas" name bearing forums.

In the followings our "conversation" based on the speak easy style from Hamvas's  The Paradox of the Injustice. In this chat the participants' "intention of convincing equal to zero and compared to this the intention of clearing up/clarification is at the boiling point".  In this spirit we are inviting you, dear reader, to think, talk  together on our "inter-circle of the seers".



"Who does not work on the salvation, conjures up the Antichrist!"

Béla Hamvas: Apocalyptic monologue

 "Since it is only worth for talking about things about which talking is forbidden, why shall I not begin with the most crucial?" -the Master starts with .... I believe, that right now there is nothing more important than to see more clearly in the question of the Serbian war. First of all, we all know that the information from both sides of the war is manipulated (they admitted this themselves). But we still need to consider a few facts simply in order to think over the events/doings/incidents of this war.

Let's suppose that the Serb  authorities (who knows under which kind of influence?) tried to oppress  the independence movement of the strengthening  majority élite of the local Muslim Albans minority with the possible worst, most aggressive  means of power. The Albanians wished an economically- politically-culturally- militarily independent "little Albania". In the possible most worst way reacted the Albanian minority - Albanian partisan troops started a war against a (you like it or not:) legal Serbian government.
The world powers reacted on the degenerated situation. The last ultimate to the Serbs says  that they should have given a certain part of theirs country to a minority for building a newer little Muslim Albania. Hmm?
I think, nobody is wondering that the Serbian leadership refused this threatening. As a solution the NATO bombing is even if it is not the worst, but the stupidest choice. It is not surprising, that the "nice new world élite" with the moneyworld in the front line dared to interfere into the life of a European country with technical superiority. (Well, who heard about the independent voice of Europe in the last period of time?) And Hungary? After a few days old  NATO membership only a thin line keeps us away from a situation in which Hungarians killing Hungarians in the name of unclear purposes. It is a shame on us and on the new Hungarian government.
In Denmark the simplest boulevard press was published with the following headlines on the first day: "MADNESS! - Denmark is first in war after 150 years."
Even if there is no other way of solving the problems of the Balkan - I do not support this madness! Just take a look at what happened with the declared aims after the third day of the bombing. The first and most important reason for interference was to stop the torture of the Albanians. According to the aid organisations the bloodshed is further aggravated. More than half a million Albanians are on their way...
In his publication from the 28 of March Herbert Pundik -retired general editor of the Politiken ( one of the biggest daily newspapers in Denmark) - turns our attention to the fact, that it looks like that the NATO seemed to forget to analyse properly both the military and psychological consequences  of this intervention. Pundik says, if this is true, then it is a horrible irresponsibility.
The situation is even worse if the NATO (and  others) analysis were properly done, and being aware of the possible consequences  they yet started this killing machine. Is there anybody who could answer my question  in whose interest and why exploded the well known Balkan-powder-barrel? Several of the Politiken's letters to the editor pointed out, if one is interested in the real situation of the Balkan in this century, one should look up the existing international literature of the Balkan's history. Following this advise I've read The fall of Yugoslavia from Misha Glenny. After reading this book it is even more obvious that the strategy of the NATO is not only confused, but hopeless.

But there is one more symptom here, which bothers me even more. The so called Euroamericans intellectual's mental impotence and the superficiality, impassivity and stupidity of the average man.


Already at the time of the frightening fall of Yugoslavia we become aware of, that most of  Béla Hamvas'  readers and enthusiasts live in that area. As prof. Száva Babics translator says, this is because "one can stand all of this only with Hamvas".  I considered this as a good possibility for building a "Hamvas"  spiritual bridge  between those people and the Copenhagen Béla Hamvas Club. A possibility for a Hungarian-Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian co-operation  with  mutual benefits/advantages, leading to a mental purification. The Serbs showed serious interest in it. (Hamvas presentation in a bookshop in NoviSad , ORBIS magazine 97', JazzFestival 98' autumn in Kaniza). It was obvious that the Serbs are starving for cultural and normal human relations.  Our proposal was to establish (at least) one "Béla Hamvas People's Free Academy/College of Spirit" in which all nationalities of the region is welcomed . Since "building a humane national program without an adult education/people's enlightenment which unfolds the free personality of humans is like when we all are building on sand - we can expect the worst". There is no other way, than a "personal, one by one, without exception " (B.H.) enlightening and initiatory adult education. We can begin with it only after the war. Together with our neighbours. It is an unavoidable task for all of us, which can not be postponed.


We need to end the war, the bombing and the torture in Kosovo as soon as possible. We can at least demand on cease-fire right now! Send "e-mail bombs" to the authorities, to the ones who are responsible for this war! Let's speak against the whole! Go to the streets! Or whatever....Where are the mothers? Where are the expectant mothers? Where are you, loving wives and husbands, lovers and ladies? Where are the good old days' peace-movements? Where are the true Christians, Muslims and Buddhists?
And the Hungarian government... We could still choose to be neutral!
But in the first place let's start a dialog. We, average man. Let's talk about that this was the last  democratic crime what was implemented on behalf of us! No more! We average man shall agree on what is the real democracy indeed. And how should be a real international democracy built
We are looking forward to receive your comments, questions considering the present writing and we also expect you to send your e-mail regarding the first "inter-circle of the seers"  theme:  democracy.

E-mail: hamv.laz@get2net.dk

Once more I would like to emphasise that neither our own stupidity or the stupidity of our élite excuses the Serbs from their madness against humankind! Once everybody  and all sides need to answer for this by all means.

I almost forgot to mention: among others the predictions of Nostradamus and the Golden Rosecross Brotherhood talking about the clash of the world powers "in the case of Anti Christ" at this time, on that place of the Earth. We can laugh . Wish to bear it! By this my story's ends meet.
And one more thing. It is true that nothing can be missing from the universe (neither stupidity or anti Christ ). But the measure, how much these forces can control us , that is our own responsibility. There is no doubt - behind the dirty, self-excusing ego the miracle is hiding.


With love:

ervin jános lázár
homepage editor & autodidact artist of liberation


Who shivers either in the dark or on the light, or you, betrayed "average man" ,who suffers from no shiver at all.

You/I -  are/am not alone!



Ps.: "This is the translator's, Earthcrystal 's personal selection from Ervin Lázár's writing in Hungarian on this homepage. If the writer-editor decides so, then this shortened version will be extended with further translated parts of the a.m. text."