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1. Madison Music (1976). Group for Intuitive Music (Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, French Horn (also w. bassoon reed) - Anders Keiding, bassoon - Jørgen Lekfeldt, piano).

Gent, Belgium (live at 7. Mixed-Media Festival), Febr. 24, 1977. 3:40

2. Madison Music (1976). Members of Edges (please see below under 5.) Copenhagen (live at the Radio House) May 25, 1997. 4:10. Free graphic notation.

3. Mirror Labyrinth (1997). Group for Intuitive Music (Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, horn, voice, small instruments - Lene Duus, voice, small instr. - Jørgen Lekfeldt, piano - Ivan Vincze, viola). Godthåb, Sept. 1, 1997. 13:40. Sign system with graphic elements.


4. A Meditation on Inner Global Life (1977). Group for Intuitive Music (Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, horn (also w. bassoon reed), mouth organ, pennywhistle - Jørgen Lekfeldt, Moog-synthesizer - Niels Rosing-Schow, cello). Holbæk (live at the Centre for Experimental Music and Drama), Aug. 8, 1979. 6:55. Recorded by the Danish Radio. Sound producer: Per Erik Veng. Sign system with graphic and verbal elements.

5. Game of Contrasts (1980). Edges (UK) (Paul Bevan, trombone - Robert Coleridge, piano - Martin Harrison, perc. and objects - Agathe Kaehr, flute - Ross Lorraine, violin - Katherine Pluygers, oboe, cor anglais - David Ryan, clarinets, perc. - Tony Wren, contrabass). Copenhagen (live at the Radio House), May 25, 1997. 7:50. Sign system with verbal elements.

6. Cut it! Sark (1995). Birkerød Harmonika Orkester. (Conductor: Charlotte B. Hansen). Birkerød (live at Manziussalen) Nov. 26, 1995. 7:10. Documentation recording by the Danish Music Council/ Danish Music Information Centre. Sound technician: Torben Krogh. Score with time indications, aleatoric and free graphic elements.


7. Taking a Walk (1994) (Spaziergang, für kleines Ensemble). Group for Intuitive Music (Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, French horn, mouth organ, pennywhistle - Lene Duus, voice, toy flute - Jørgen Lekfeldt, piano - Ivan Vincze, viola). Godthåb, Oct. 8, 2000. 6:20. Verbal notation.

8. Summer-Swings and Jumps (1996). (Sommerschaukel und Sprünge, graphische Musik für 4 Spieler). Béla Hamvas Group for Intuitive Music (Ildikó Ungváry, Jens Balder, László B. Kovács, Ivan Vincze). Copenhagen (live at Medborgerhuset, Kapelvej), Oct. 30, 1997. 5:55. Sign system with graphic elements on a time axis.

Ivan Vincze joined the Group for Intuitive Music in 1982. Taking a Walk follows the tradition of Stockhausen's
text compositions - around which Stockhausen coined the term "intuitive music" in 1968. Players are instructed to think of actual walks they have done, select one and give musical expression to it. This done, they should individually treat themselves to "tones that contribute to your contentment".

The Bela Hamvas Group for Intuitive Music was formed by Ivan Vincze in 1995. Vincze has an extensive career as a bratschist in various orchestras and ensembles and studied composition with Dieter Schnebel. The other members of the BHGIM are mostly exile Hungarians (including Nah Te) and were amateur musicians from the beginning. Jens Balder comes, however, from the Danish avant-jazz scene. Bela Hamvas was a Hungarian philosopher.

jørgen plaetner (b.1930):

9. Winter Music (1994). Edges (please see above under "Game of Contrasts". Copenhagen (live at the Radio House), May 25, 1997. 8:05. Free graphic notations with verbal instructions.

10. October 6th (1996). Lin Ensemble (John Ehde (cello), Erik Kaltoft (piano), Jens Schou (clarinet). Växjö (live at Norrtullskolan), Oct. 6, 1996. 6:50. Verbal and graphic instructions according to a dice being thrown. // (P) and © 2000. 

This recording is made in cooperation with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.