Hamvas Béla 1897 - 1968

Béla Hamvas Club; Copenhagen

The club was established on the 27.06. in 1989 . as a result of the activity of  a group of young radical intellectual who arrived with the last range of western Hungarian emigrants and a few elder Hungarian emigrants from 1956.
It ís primary purpose was to support and nourish the local Hungarian intellectual life and reconcile that with the Danish culture. Furthermore it is concerned about exposition and finding common interest with others.
The club wish to retain and distribute the denominator Béla Hamvas's
(philosopher with traditionalist approach) intellectual inheritage.
The club maintain a small, but considerable Hungarian library.
The chairman  of the organisation is Ervin Lázár.
Since the autumn of 1991 has been functioning the Circle of  Seers (earlier named Reading circle) . The members gather once in a month to debate about the most important parts of existence.
The club has owned itís own place since 1992, where 6 exhibitions has been arranged from paintings, ceramics, paper sculptures of Hungarian and Danish artists.
The duration of this exhibitions were typically between 1 and 11/2 months.
In 1994 Jenô Farkas's (member of the club) film The Vertical was presented in Copenhagen. The film is based on Béla Hamvas's works.
An another club memeber, Béla Hirtling's modern composition Oh, my sacramental diabolical personalityî was performed  on song, piano and cello in 1994.
The clubís official bulletin is the Island (Sziget) periodical.

ENCYCLOPAEDIA HUNGARICA / Second volume (I-Ö); 1994